Quilcene Food Bank
294952 Highway 101
Quilcene, WA 98376
Wednesday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Phone: 360 765 0904


Working Hard To Feed Community

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PO Box 112
Quilcene, WA 98376
Tues 9 to 11 and Wed. 8 to 2pm.
Phone 360 765 0904 to get a  volunteer to meet  at an appointed time. at the  Food Bank


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February 20, 2020 ear Jefferson County Food Bank Board, NW Harvest, Food Lifeline, Gifts In Kind, Quilcene Community Center, USDA, Tod Nickerson, Leslie Tippins, and all the volunteers: I would like to share my observations from the Quilcene Food Bank on Wednesday, February 19th. I’ve read that “It takes a village” and this is never more clear than on Wednesdays in Quilcene. What I saw and experienced yesterday was a thriving community of people. The people shopping were open, chatting, and glad to be there. The volunteers engaged with the shoppers and made them feel valued if only for a couple of minutes. It was a bright, inviting place to be, and everyone through the door felt welcome, I could see it in their faces. The Quilcene Food Bank has evolved into so much more than simply distributing food. All the volunteers pay attention and offer individual support to those on restricted diets, seniors, or those with large families that struggle to make sure no one goes to bed hungry; that the children have access to the same treats as their peers so they don’t feel excluded by poverty and marked by it. I watched yesterday as the volunteers kept their stations well stocked and attractive. The volunteers don’t take the variety and abundance of food provided for granted. They care about what their stations look like and that the shoppers can see what is available and make good selections for their families. These volunteers serve hundreds of people every week and come to remember dietary restrictions or a favorite food of the repeat shoppers and then – because they’ve paid attention to what is at their station this week – can offer suggestions on what might work. I watched yesterday as a volunteer grabbed new socks from one of the shopping tables and made them fit for a baby whose feet were bright red from the cold. This is Quilcene Food Bank. The produce station is phenomenal. The volunteers at that station have created a professional presentation of the colorful fruits and vegetables and are constantly culling damaged produce and filling bins. It is a beautiful display that clearly says to the shoppers that they too have access to market fresh produce, that they are not simply getting the broken, bruised and barely edible. What the Quilcene Food Bank serves that is just as important as the wonderful foods provided is the “you matter, you count, we care” attitude. Six years ago it was a dismal room, with depressed people running it and shopping in it. Today there is a thriving community and it is because of all of you – the village – that works every week to make this happen. Thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for making Quilcene a nicer place to be. Thank you for the food.